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Girl Meets Joy Jewelry...

Girl Meets Joy Jewelry is more than 'just' jewelry – it’s a feeling and an indulgence that's really not like anything else. It's full blossoms with delicate petals, rich textures with fine details, sparkling stones and creamy pearls all wrapped up into tiny, tactile little treasures that bring to mind memories of fresh cut grass, Gramma's garden, and bright sunshine,..pure feasts for your senses.   

Girl Meets Joy Jewelry celebrates all of your special occasions: love on anniversaries and joy at birthdays, graduations and promotions.  Or, maybe, just treating yourself to a special  'just for me' moment, It’s embracing and re-imagining those tiny treasures that were passed down from your mother or grandmother and making them yours in a brand new way.  Girl Meets Joy Jewelry fits right into your life and into your every day.

Whether you need help finding a gift for a special friend or occasion, finding the perfect jewelry for your wedding and bridesmaids, or you are in search of “just the right piece" for your own collection, Girl Meets Joy Jewelry awaits you with carefully handcrafted, unexpected pieces redefined with a fresh and earthy twist. 

Awards & Honors

2016        Lanesboro Arts Emerging Artist Award

2017        Wayzata Art Experience - 2nd prize

Adhering to the Finest Standards and Materials

Each piece of jewelry is unique, but each Girl Meets Joy Jewelry design shares the following:

• Every piece is hand fabricated by the artist with care, never mass produced or cast as multiples.

• All gemstones are bezel or flush set for the safety of the stone.

• All gold is 14k or higher.

• Heavy textures, fine detailing, brilliant gems and luscious pearls combine for very visually pleasing designs.

• All designs are unique and one-of-a-kind or are produced as limited editions.

 All stones are hand chosen, natural and high quality.

• Pearls are of the highest quality and are Tahitian, Chinese or Japanese in origin.

• The collection will continue to ever evolve and grow as new pieces are created.

Memberships and Guilds

NEMAA - Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association

Society for Midwest Metalsmiths

MNJAG - Minnesota Jewelers Art Guild

Enamelist Society

Feeling the Love...

I love my customers! Here's what some of them have to say...

“I absolutely love my rings! And my earrings! And my bracelets!!! Wherever I wear them, I get a lot of compliments and people want to know where I got them.  Thank you oh so very much!”

“I walked the whole art fair and kept coming back to your booth, several times, to look at everything.  Your work is gorgeous and I love the earrings I finally picked out.  I know I'll be wearing them often!”

“Had to have my ring!  Thank you for making it easy to not leave the art fair without it...I wear it every day and it's my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. Looking forward to seeing you again next year!”

“I bought the branch necklace with pearls...first for me, then for my daughter. She will wear it at her wedding and then when I am done with it, it will go to her.”

“I love the little bright sparkles of color you incorporated into my earrings with all the gemstones. The textures are all so perfect. Very nice!”

“I have many big rings but the one you made for me from my mother's jewelry is the one I always reach for first. I always feel her close when I have it. Thank you.”

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